5 Best Non-Stick Pans to Get in Malaysia

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Everyday meal preparation is made easy with non-stick pans. They need very little to no oil to cook food, so we get healthier and low-fat meals. And they are easy to clean too because food does not stick to them.

If you’re looking for one online, you’ve probably seen so many different kinds already.

So, the question must be asked; which is the ultimate non-stick pan that one can buy in Malaysia?

Though these pans might not be a one-size-fits-all, we’ll explore which non-stick pans are worth the bucks in this post. 

But before that, here are some things you need to know before getting a one.

Choosing Safe Materials

Non-stick pans typically have a coating that makes them resistant to sticking. In the past, these pans used materials that were hazardous to health.

Before buying a non-stick pan, make sure that it is PFOA, lead, and cadmium-free. If it doesn’t explicitly say so, we recommend skipping those products.

How To Make Your Non-Stick Pan Last?

Here are some tips to help extend the lifespan of your non-stick pans. Regardless of price, these tips help prevent the coating of pans from chipping so you get the most out of your non-stick pan.

1. Use low to medium heat. 

Non-stick pan cannot stand high heat and pressure. So only cook meals with low to medium heat and avoid putting them in the dishwasher.

2. Avoid heating it empty.

When you heat non-stick pans on their own, there is a higher chance that the pan will get too hot. 

In this case, some non-stick pans would start producing fumes. Non-stick pans are also prone to chipping because they are exposed to such high temperatures.

3. Use wooden or silicone utensils.

If you already invested in a good non-stick pan, the next thing to get is wooden or silicone ladles to use with the pans.

Metal utensils are more likely to scratch the pan’s coating off. The same goes with using steel wool when cleaning. Just use a soft sponge or cloth to clean your non-stick pans.

Now that you know a little bit about materials and care for non-stick pans, here are the 5 best non-stick pans that you can buy in Malaysia in 2021.


1. Tefal Cook and Clean Frying Pan

Tefal Cook and Clean Frying Pan

Tefal Cook and Clean Frying Pans feature reinforced titanium coating which makes these pans durable and long-lasting.

This range of non-stick pans has Thermo-Signal technology, which is a heat indicator at the middle of the pan. It tells you if the pan is heated adequately to achieve the perfect color, taste, and texture of cooked food.

Safety-wise, the Tefal frying pans are free from Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which is associated with accelerated puberty, developmental defects in fetuses, and cancers.

The Tefal Cook and Clean Frying Pan is a great option for everyday use. Its size and shape are versatile for Asian cooking like stir-fry, deep enough for deep-fry, and making dishes with gravy.

However, it’s not great for use with an induction cooktop. Because of the plastic handle, this pan is not oven-safe.

2. Uakeen Granite Non-Stick Deep-Frying Pan

Uakeen Granite Non-Stick Deep-Frying Pan

The Uakeen granite frying pan is a type of enamel-coated cookware. What’s great about this frying pan is that it does not rust over time.

It can also be used with multiple heating methods like induction, halogen, electric, ceramic, and gas.

This pan is free from PFOA, lead, and cadmium so it is safe to prepare food in them without worrying about these dangerous chemicals.

Customers seem to appreciate the thickness and seamless design of the pan that makes cleaning a breeze. The pan also appears to heat up quickly and retain heat very well.

This product is scratch-proof and comes with a glass lid to cover food while cooking. 

3. Ikea Kavalkad Non-Stick Pan

Ikea Kavalkad Non-Stick Pan

This is an affordable non-stick pan that gets the job done. The Ikea Kavalkad pan is made of an aluminum core with a Teflon coating to make it non-stick.

Being coated with Teflon might raise brows for some people. But fret not, this frying pan is PFOA-free. So you do not need to worry about chemicals leaching into the food you cook.

Lightweight but sturdy, the size of this pan makes it perfect to stir up some quick breakfast. Eggs do not stick to this pan. And sausages only need a little bit of oil to fry.

What’s wonderful about this non-stick pan is that aluminum heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly throughout the pan. This makes it is easy to control the heat so that you don’t burn your food.

Many users are very happy with this frying pan. Some even said that their Ikea Kavalkad is comparable to non-stick pans that are three times more expensive.

4. Le Creuset TNS Frying Pan

Le Creuset TNS Frying Pan

Le Creuset is famous for its bright-colored stoneware and cast-iron skillets. But did you know they have non-stick pans and pots as well?

If you’re willing to splurge on a non-stick pan, Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick pan is the one for you. And its huge price tag comes with unbeatable features.

Here’s why. 

Unlike other non-stick pans, this one is oven safe and withstands heat up to 260°C. So if you’re braising meat or vegetable, this pan easily transfers from hob to oven.

You can also choose to purchase the oven-safe lid for the pans, but they are sold separately.

And don’t you just hate it when the handle of frying pans comes off? Well, the handles of Le Creuset TNS use stainless steel rivets for maximum durability.

On top of that, this frying pan is big enough to prepare meals for 2-4 people. So if you’re a small family that cooks most of the time, it’s definitely worth getting the Le Creuset TNS frying pan.

5. Korea Ceramic Coating Aluminium Non-Stick Frying Pan

Ceramic-coated non-stick pans are another enamel-coated option if you’re into pretty cookware. 

Take this frying pan for example. This ceramic non-stick pan comes in a dainty green and off-white color. It is perfect to go with a light-colored kitchen.

The overall design really puts users in mind, with a thick ergonomic handle and aesthetic wooden finish.

Ceramic pans are just as durable and sturdy as granite pans too. And of course, this one is PFOA-free.

Moreover, it is suitable to use with induction cookers, gas, electric, and ceramic plates. Lastly, this product comes in a variety of sizes, ideal for making sauces, deep-fry, stir-fry, and grilling.


Non-stick pans and skillets are your best friend in the kitchen. They make cooking faster and easier. 

Once you find a good one, you’ll definitely use it a lot. So be sure to get one that is free from harmful chemicals and a good size for your servings.